​​​​​​Colleen Dougherty

Did MiShaun ever get a visit from the Tooth Fairy? 

She sure did! After we chased after her and got that tooth back to her, she went home and put it under her pillow so it would be ready for the Tooth Fairy. So, the Tooth Fairy left her TWO DOLLARS! MiShaun said she got one dollar 'cause of the tooth and the other dollar 'cause she cleaned it for the Tooth Fairy. I guess the Tooth Fairy doesn't really want dirty teeth. Yeah, I wouldn't want a bunch of dirty ol' teeth either but when I lose a tooth I only get a quarter. MiShaun says it's 'cause the Tooth Fairy likes her better but I say it's 'cause the Tooth Fairy runs out of money on account of her giving MiShaun two dollars all the time! What do you think that Tooth Fairy does with all them teeth anyway? I wonder about stuff like that.  Do you?

Do you ever hear from Kitty? How is the momma dog doing?

She did call my mommy to check to see how Snickerdoodle and 

Skippy were doing. Mommy asked about the momma dog, and Kitty said that they call the momma dog Frankie! Frankie gets to run around the farm all day long, and Kitty said she keeps jumping in the pond to go swimming! Sounds like Frankie is doing great!   

Do the puppies ever go swimming in your pool? 

It's still too cold for us to go swimming so we have to wait, but I bet they will love it! Kitty said that their mommy likes to swim so I bet they will too! I just know that I can't wait until it gets warm so we can all go in together. This time we can put on bathing suits instead of going in with all our clothes on! That was a super fun day though!  

Daddy said that he made up some questions for me to answer. He said if I answer questions you will get to know me, and he should know on account of him being an adult smarty. I told him I think we should just have everyone over to our house so we could all meet and play with the puppies, but Daddy said our house isn't big enough for all my new friends. I guess I better just stick to the questions for now 'cause I don't think we're moving into a bigger house. So, questions please, Daddy!  

Why did you want a puppy so badly? 

Well, that's an easy question to answer! I wanted a puppy 'cause it's a puppy, silly! Puppies are sweet and cuddly and they love to play and I just think they are the bestest thing in the whole wide world! 

Which puppy is your favorite? 

Oh, I don't have a favorite puppy! I love them both the same!

Snickerdoodle likes to snuggle and he gives me the most kisses.  

Skippy likes to play more and he will chase after a ball, even if I throw it a hundred times! I haven't thrown his ball a hundred times, but I betcha he would run after it if I did! Them puppies are so different, but I still love them the same! 

How do you feel about leaving school for a year to travel?

When Daddy first told me that I wasn't gonna go to school anymore and that I was gonna be traveling with him I was excited. I got super excited when he said I get to bring them puppies with us, but then I got scared, real quick like. I love going to school and learning and playing at recess with my friends! I'm gonna miss being with them, but I will have Billy to hug when I miss them. He's my favorite stuffed bear, but don't tell my other stuffed bears. I don't want them to get their feelings hurt 'cause I don't know how to fix hurt feelings. Maybe there's a special band-aid or something.   

Hi there new friends! Momma said I should tell you about myself, so I guess I should start by saying that I'm six, and I have two brand spankin' new puppies! Mommy and Daddy gave them to me for my sixth birthday, and I love them so much! I got to name the first puppy, so I named him Skippy Marshmella Carmichael. I let Momma and Daddy pick the other puppy's name. She picked Snickerdoodle and Daddy picked Cotton Candy, and our last name is Carmichael, so that means his name is Snickerdoodle Marshmella Carmichael! They are white, with black noses and have fluffy hair kinda like a marshmella or like cotton candy!    

Meet Ellie Adventure!

 That's all the questions for now! If you have any  questions, email me, and I'll try to answer them here for  you! Thanks, friends! 

What do you like to do for fun? 

Everything is fun to me! I like to play with my toys and ride my bike and, of course, play with my puppies! We go to movies and go on hikes and my daddy takes me with him to the hardware store, which he loves and it's just okay but I like being with Daddy. Mommy lets me help her make cookies and we play house and cashier and I like to write stories and talk to my friends and play at their houses too!