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Six-year-old Ellie has always wanted a puppy for her birthday. When she turned six, her parents thought she was ready for not just one puppy, but two puppies! Join Ellie as she brings two brand new puppies home!

Ellie Adventure

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Ellie Adventure: Picking Out Puppies

Each year Ellie Carmichael wished for a puppy when she blew out the candles on her birthday cake. This year her wish came true with not just one puppy, but two! 

Class meanie, MiShaun, takes a break from calling Ellie, "Ellie So Smelly," but it won't last long after an accident at the park ensures MiShaun a visit from the Tooth Fairy! 

Things will soon get more exciting for Ellie after she discovers that she will get to travel with her family, a tutor, (whatever that means!) and, her brand spankin' new puppies! 

The first book in the Ellie Adventure series, "Ellie Adventure: Picking Out Puppies," takes the reader along with Ellie as she adopts her puppies and quickly finds out that taking care of puppies requires more of her than just getting puppy kisses and handing out doggie treats! 

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