​​​​​​Colleen Dougherty

10. I love to read! Sometimes I feel if I don't have a book to read I'll go crazy! I like to read all kinds of books, especially autobiographies and stories that are based in a fictional world. I wrote a book a long time ago that is set in a fictional world that I need to finish. It's so much fun to write! I have lots of ideas and not enough time to get it all done! 

11. I love to travel! When I was a young girl my aunt and uncle took me to London and Africa as well as many other amazing places. It was a wonderful trip that I was so grateful for and it makes me want to take my children on the same types of trips. Neither one of my boys want to go to Africa, but there are lots of other places that would be amazing to see! Have you gone on any cool trips? I'd love for you to email me and tell me where you went and why it was so neat. Maybe it will be part of a story one day! 

12. I was a Brownie when I was a girl and loved it! We would do all kinds of fun activities and go camping. I remember making Sit-a-pons and doing lots of skits. I would recommend joining Brownies, Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts just for the fun, plus you'll learn a lot too! 

12 things about Colleen Dougherty

1. I wrote Ellie Adventure: Picking out Puppies because my youngest son needed a new series to read. He really didn't like to read so it was hard to find him books that would interest him. I decided to use the excitement of having two new puppies in the house as a starting point for my story.

2. Supporting dog rescue is a big part of my book because I know that there are so many dogs and cats that are in shelters and rescues that need homes. We were a foster family and helped rescue 17 dogs, most of them puppies! The dogs would live with us until their "forever family" was found. We loved the experience! 

Before we knew that pretty much every breed of dog can be adopted we got our two dogs from a breeder eleven years ago. My husband has horrible allergies so we thought we needed to get a purebred dog to avoid him being sick, but now we know that we can contact rescues and they will help us find a dog he can have in our home. Sammy and Buddy are the dogs that inspired Skippy and Snickerdoodle! 

3. Skippy Marshmella Carmichael was written after our dog Buddy Marshmellow Dougherty and Snickerdoodle was written after our dog Sammy Jedi Dougherty! We made up a list of names and then picked from the list, just like Ellie did! 

4. I have two sons. Ryan is 18 and going to ASU this year and Matt is 15 and in 10th grade. Being a mom has been such a wonderful experience and I feel lucky to be their mom. 

5. I am married to Dean. He is funny and cute and sweet and kind. I like that he is fun to be with and we laugh together a lot! He helped me a great deal with my pictures for my book and for my website. I'm so glad he knows how to do all that computer stuff because I sure don't! I'm so lucky to be married to such a great guy! 

6. We live in Arizona and we love it here! It's warm and sunny and we have the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen! I don't think we'll ever leave this gorgeous state! In my next book, "Ellie Adventure: Grand Canyon Puppies," Ellie visits Arizona. I wanted to showcase this fantastic state! 

7. I love to create stories. I'm happiest when I'm working at the table with my family close by. 

8. Ellie Adventure was really named after my maternal grandmother. She was a super lady! I only remember her being kind and loving, so I wanted to honor her by naming my title character after her. 


 9. I've created "Warm Up Arizona." It is a program that I started after I saw a picture on Facebook of a scarf tied around a pole. It was left there for anyone that needed it. You may not think we need scarves in Arizona but, during our winters, the nights are cold! During the year, I hand make scarves and then I go downtown with my family and we give them away, along with blankets and pillows and anything else we've gathered. This year I had some of my friends from ImproMANIA, in downtown Chandler, help me gather donations and give them out. It's a great way to help those that need an extra hand. I feel lucky that I've found a way to give back to my community.