10 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids!

                   (Always get your parent's permission!)

1. Put change in a vending machine.

2. Hold the door open for someone.

3. Do a chore for someone without being asked.

4. Return someone's cart at the store.

5. Leave a happy note inside a library book.

6. Pick up litter.

7. Let someone go ahead of you in line. 

8. Call your grandparents and ask them if they need any help around their house. 

9. Walk dogs at an animal shelter.

10. Ask the new kid at school if they'd like to have lunch at your table. 

Check back for more ideas!

Thank you, Coffee Cups and Crayons!

This is an example of the card that will be attached to the scarf. 

Warm Up Arizona 

This is not a lost scarf!

If you are cold, please take it! We know they aren't pretty, but they were handmade to help keep you warm because we care about you. Warm Up Arizona 2015

​​​​​​Colleen Dougherty

The idea is pretty simple. We make scarves, not purchase, but actually make them, and then we'll take those scarves and tie them to poles downtown with a note attached telling people that they are for anyone that might be cold. 

We don't have a lot of cold weather in Arizona, but it gets cold during our winter nights so the scarves will come in handy! 

How would you feel if you didn't have a home and were cold? 

Don't you think it would be nice to know that someone, a stranger, cared enough about you to make sure you had something to help keep you warm? That's the idea behind Warm Up Arizona!

If you'd like to do the program in your area just change "Arizona" to your city or state or call it anything you'd like! The important thing is to do something for someone else!